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kinahans whiskey special release

Amarone Cask

Amarone cask finish


From its founding in 1779 Kinahan's was a company of innovative thinkers with their own unconventional approach to whiskey making, opposing traditions and crossing boundaries set by the established norm.

Kinahan's unconventional approach today resulted in the creation of one of the biggest collections of cask types. This portfolio of casks lays ground for unique, limited annual releases of single casks also known as The Special Release Project (SRP). SRP releases take place annually and typically comprise of single casks and very limited batches of only a few casks. Each release is different and is selected based on unique and unconventional taste profile of the whiskey.
Expect the different, the diverse - big, bold and unconventional whiskeys.

Tasting Notes:
NOSE: Woody spices, rich fruit, chocolate, Mediterranean oasis.
PALATE: Very rich ripe fruit, dry sweet raisins & fig, sun baked almond, dry nutty finish.
COLOUR: Amber gold