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This rare and exclusive "Black Oak" single malt Irish whiskey is one of the most unusual releases to the Kinahan's "Special Release Project" collection.

Matured in unusual casks hand made from rare, native Portuguese oak wood of ‘Quercus Pyrenaica’ species. This Black Oak whiskey will reveal a full-bodied profile with rich flavours of nutmeg, fig, mango, sundried raisins and a roasted banana.

A a big and audacious release for a whiskey lover that is looking to be surprised and uplifted by something innovative, unusual and one of a kind.


Tasting Notes:
NOSE: Black sugar, charred vanilla oak, nutmeg, tropical fruits.
PALATE: Crystal malt, sundried fig, raisins, sweet espresso, toffee, mango, honeycomb syrup, slightly roasted banana.
COLOUR: Natural, deep dark brown.