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We have to change.

For centuries, oak trees, continue to be one of the main resources for the whiskey making industry. If we want to continue into generations to come, we have to be more aware of how we create our products and how we use this key resource. We have to accept a responsibility for taking care of the forests. We must remember that whilst these unique varieties of oak species make the whiskeys we so adore and enjoy, the very trees’ primary purpose is actually to support life on earth.

Unavoidably, the next generations will make their decisions based on whether or not a product is damaging the planet that we all live on and this is the right direction to go.

A Mission to reforestation.

The world is losing its natural forests at an alarming rate. We have now taken steps to begin collaborations with various entities and volunteers to take care of and recover native forests and native trees firstly, primarily in areas from which we source our wood to recover the impact. Watch this space for further announcements on what we are doing and how we are doing it.


We have to talk about it.

We believe that we should not only increasingly do what's good for the environment but also talk about it. Let's be honest, as a small company with a very limited footprint we are not going to make exponential changes alone. But we believe that being visible about our initiatives and our thoughts for the future, will not only inspire others, but also allow us to surround ourselves with likeminded people.