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KINAHANS SRP #48 [World's Best Single Cask Irish Whiskey 2020]

kinahans whiskey special release


KINAHANS SRP #48 [World's Best Single Cask Irish Whiskey 2020]

This limited release Armagnac single malt Irish whiskey has spent the first 8 years of its maturation in first fill ex-bourbon white American oak casks and was then matured for additional 3 years in hand selected, specially preserved Armagnac casks from Gascony region of Southwest France.

Limited to only 600 bottles released globally, this is a wonderfully rare, rich and powerful singe cask whiskey. Bottled at 58% abv it has received the title of the World’s Best Single Cask Irish whiskey in 2020, marking another pinnacle of the Kinahan’s Special Release Project collection of whiskeys. The taste will reveal a powerful combination ripe plums, toast oak and an array of spices mixed with fruit followed by a very long finish.

Tasting Notes:
NOSE: Floral and fruity, ripe grapes, passionfruit.
PALATE: Peach cinnamon, white grape, tangy lemon, pear, nectarine syrup.
COLOUR: Rich, with a golden shine.