KINAHANS SRP #IV Quadrat 四维 (Multicask)  Irish Single Malt.

kinahans irish single malt whiskey special release quadrat multicask


KINAHANS SRP #IV Irish Single Malt.

Quadrat 四维

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Our new generation of Kinahan’s craftsmen pioneers continue to push boundaries to deliver both quality and novelty in everything we do.

Quadrat 四维 - is our very first Multicask SRP. Multicask SRPs are created by purposefully selecting the most unusual single casks and combining them together. The combination is based strictly on flavour and character. The aim is to combine the best and the rarest, to create a multidimensional flavour with components that complement each other.

Quadrat 四维 is caught between traditional flavours that have not yet gone and a modern flavours that has not yet arrived. This is a limited edition Irish Single Malt SRP that is made from a combination of FOUR single cask malt whiskey components:

  • Madeira Single Cask
  • Merlot Single Cask
  • Tawney Port Single Cask
  • Chestnut Single Cask

Each malt component has been matured in its set cask individually. All 4 casks are later combined in a single vat, based on the whiskey maker’s flavour map prior to bottling.

Quadrat is bottled at 54% abv with no chill filtration and natural colour. Limited to only 1300 bottles for the entire world and released on once per year.


This year we celebrated 242 years since foundation of the brand. Just like 242 years ago the new generation of Kinahan’s pioneers continue to push boundaries to deliver both quality and novelty in everything we do.

A few years ago Kinahan’s launched a collection of rare whiskeys. It was called The Special Release Project (SRP). SRP whiskeys are made up of limited, high quality, rare, very unusual, high strength single cask releases.

Eventually, every whiskey lover, even the most traditional one, widens their scope for innovation. Today we have pushed boundaries even further to bring to you our very first MULTICASK SRP.


The core philosophy behind MULTICASK SRP releases is “hybridisation of flavour identities”. A conceptual pairing by Kinahan’s and our whiskey maker, to organise conflict of identities (tradition/modernity, north/south) to extract the “in-between” character notes - previously invisible to the whiskey maker and unavailable to the whiskey lover.

Blurring the boundaries between tradition and modernity, MULTICASK whiskeys are caught between traditional whiskey flavours that have not yet gone and modern flavours that has not yet arrived. 

Tasting Notes:
NOSE: Salty ocean breeze, caramelised fruit and toffee, eau-de-vie.
PALATE: Salty sun-dried madeira with caramel, fig, dried raisin, crystal malt, pistachio, dark chocolate (a Mediterranean dream).
COLOUR: Warm Amber.





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